A book of roses

iceberg roses for saleDear editor,

Here’s my pitch for a new book I hope you like it.

I want to write about the history of roses. I think I could market this book to older women, particularly those in their retirement who want to read more about roses. The rose has a rich history that runs deep in English culture and was inherited by Australia at the time of the colonies. There’s never a shortage of roses in life. People give them to each other for romantic occasions or  just as a symbol of friendship to brighten someone’s day.

My book will also explore the different varieties of roses from the standard iceberg rose to the genetically modified rainbow roses. It’s amazing what the horticulturalists can produce. In fact, a new species of rose is created almost every day through crossbreeding. And that brings me to the next topic.

The fascinating thing about cultivating roses is how technology is changing the flower industry. While people used to give each other seeds or nick them from their neighbours yards, these days people are actually ordering seeds and bulbs on the internet. There are plenty of australian websites where you can find standard roses for sale. They simply mail you the goods and you plant them yourself. In this world of instantaneous gratification, even gardening can be more simply than going to the hardware shop or nursery.

I hope you like my idea. I feel that it is better than the other submission I’ve read on your site.  I think mine stands out among the others because it’s a nonfiction book,m which is informative and it breathe new relevance into a classic topic.


-Mary, your pitch would be wonderful … if the topic wasn’t so trite. Try to have a little imagination for crying out loud.