Electricity for All…Soon

Have you ever SEEN electricity? If you’ve ever seen one of those electrical plasma balls, then you probably have. It’s very impressive, and that’s exactly what could be lying on your coffee table, tomorrow…or, however long it takes to get a book published. I really don’t know; I mostly just like electricity. How it ebbs and flows…how it sparkles, and how it’s so deadly and so beautiful.

Anyway, a friend told me about this site and I’m thinking that a book on various electrical systems could go over great. Did you know that the commercial LED lighting in Melbourne is some of the best in the world?

I had no idea if that was true. Anything powered by electricity is great, especially commercial LED solutions. Melbourne businesses are slowly starting to take note of the cost saving they can expect.  I’m envisioning some close-up shots of LED lighting and its functions, as well as diagrams that show how the whole thing works when you flip the switch.

Then…some artistic shots of the city of Melbourne during a lightning storm. Taking such pictures is something of a hobby of mine, so I have several thousand that you can look through. Maybe I’ll have a look myself and assemble about five-hundred or so for you to choose from.

And then, the final third of the book will be all to do with solar power, the greatest power of all, since it rains from the sky and not in the destructive way like lightning. Although solar energy doesn’t really photograph quite as well as lightning. I HAVE loads of photos of commercial solar panels and people who work in the industry, going about their day. I’m wondering if that’ll fill a third. I’ll send some along, see what you think. Most are just static shots of solar panels, but give me a break here. They’re easier to photograph than lightning strikes.

Thanks for the 6000 photos, but…you really shouldn’t take pictures of people without their permission. – Ed.