House, Home, House-Home?

property advocatesPeople love houses. Maybe it’s because they’re expensive. Or a lot of people seemed to grow up in houses, so maybe that’s it; lots of memories, all of them happening inside houses…even if the house didn’t belong to them. What IS  a house, anyway? Four walls and a roof, or something greater, a social construct that cannot be put into words? How does a house become a home, or are they mutually exclusive concepts?

It’s a mystery. But that’s what I want to explore in a coffee table book that I hope people can pick up and peruse. This topic could be a doorstop, but I want to just hand people the basics, along with some really nice pictures of houses. I’ve already lined up some professionals; estate agents, property advocates in Melbourne, that sort of thing. Those who know houses and/or homes like the backs of their collective hands, who can tell us what (if anything) is the magic ingredient that turns a house into a home (or even a home into a house, because that can probably happen too).

Then along with the industry experts, I’ve lined up interviews with people who have no expertise besides having lived in a house/home. That’s a lot of people, but some have owned their house for decades upon decades. Do you get sick of a place after a while? How long a holiday do you have to go on before you can come back to a place you’ve lived in for decades and see it with new eyes? Because if that was me, I’d be gearing myself up with some buyers advocacy the second I got to ten years. Can’t stay in one place, not me.

But SOME people can. This book will get to the heart of the mystery, using Melbourne’s buyers advocates, estate agents, homeowners, orphanage mistresses, businesspeople and general builders. Got to have their opinion on the bricks.