Houses of Melbourne, Plus!

conveyancersI saw that ‘Houses of Melbourne’ is part of your range, and I always love a good book that shows how houses have changed through the decades. True, Melbourne hasn’t been around for as long as some cities, but that just means that the interesting architecture is buried more deeply, more a matter of serendipity than just blithely wandering along a famous street and looking at things. That’s part of the reason I love Melbourne. That, and it’s not like Darwin that’s all super new because it keeps getting knocked down by gale-force winds.

I don’t really have any solid ideas myself, but I’d love to see a book that really focuses on that side of things, how it’s just a matter of finding the right place and appreciating it from the outside. I don’t know, maybe…I know some conveyancers around Bentleigh, if that helps? They don’t exactly go inside a lot of houses, but they know a lot about the whole industry. There have been land sale acts passed decades ago that your average conveyancer has to know about all of them. Or most of them…I’d imagine some basic housing knowledge is just generally helpful. So anyway, if there was anything I could do to help, talking to a conveyancer is an option. I’ve been to the office a few times, and sometimes I’ve heard them talk about their work. I’d imagine after a while, you’ll see all kinds of houses. And the same would go for real estate agents, who get to see inside the house. And then you’ve got actual building inspectors, who don’t just go inside regular houses, but also really old houses. Maybe they’d be the best people to talk to. Or a combination! I don’t know how coffee table books work, really.

I quite like the idea. People of Melbourne should really know about the amazing buildings to be found in their city. If you knew a conveyancers somewhere around Brighton, that’d also be great. People love the sea! – Ed.