Nature for writers

daffodil bulbsMy work has always been intrinsically linked to nature. My breakthrough book, as it’s called by the masses not by myself, was a love story narrated by the seasons. As much as I got to know my characters and learnt the intricate details of their personalities I also explored the depths of the seasons. I learnt the smells and feelings of Spring, the harsh realities of a long winter and the relief of the evening light that comes with a hot summer. The research that went into that book was immense, I spent weeks planting daffodil flower bulbs and observing how they grow and flourish using the light shining down on them. The inspiration from my garden really kept me going, it was as if by planting new flowers I was somehow planting ideas! Luckily I could order lots of spring flowering bulbs online and so my garden grew with each click. The daffodil varieties I discovered took me on a journey of plot twists and beauty. The characters that I developed were a reflection of the flowers growing in my garden, they were vulnerable to the elements of the earth and on dark and rainy days occasionally they would fall beyond repair. This vulnerability and defenseless was a major theme of my book. No matter how strong or big one becomes, nature can always have the final say. Luckily my daffodils survived and I still have an amazing bloom of flowers surrounding my writing desk. At the moment it hasn’t inspired my next major work but it does serve as an excellent reminder of the power of nature. I feel like my characters are out there, living on beyond the pages of the book. I am going to branch out and plant some other bulbs to see what I can add to the mix, hyacinths are my next venture.