Universal Solar Awareness

Tuesdays are always my favourite day, for two distinct reasons: it’s my day off, and it’s also the day I go to my Universal Awareness classes. They always make me feel more in touch with the world, you know? Like, not just with politics and memes; stuff like animals and the sun and the colours of the wind.

Although we *sort of* dipped into politics a little bit the other day, when we had question time at the end. We finished our deep meditation, and someone asked Master Tiger Sun what he thought of commercial solar systems Brisbane businesses seem to be increasingly in the market for. Now, this guy is busy and we try to keep to a strict schedule, because he runs multiple classes a day and we don’t want to run overtime, but we did fit in a quick, comprehensive discussion about solar energy and how it relates to what we’re learning about universal awareness.

He was all for the idea, provided that it’s a natural change and no one is forced to install solar panels. All change should be with an element of choice, the Master said, or the change will not be properly implemented and it will breed bad-will. Bad-will poisons the well of the world, and all the commercial solar systems in the universe can’t right the uneven currents of negativity.

As per usual, I walked away with a lot to think about, but also with my mind clear. It DOES make sense to implement green energy firmly, but not forcefully, by showing people the benefits and gently explaining the consequences. Not that we should stand on a box pontificating about it in the middle of Brisbane. Commercial solar need not be presented as the one true way to avoid dystopia. Fear is the path to malcontent, so says Master Tiger Sun. In all things, strive for harmony. Even when Melody parks in my space at work and Darren forgets to update the invoices…harmony, always. Always.

…maybe I need to attend class on a Wednesday so I can get a hump day reminder.