Where Your Aluminium Truly Comes From

Here in this great, red, dusty land of Australia, we are blessed with a bounty of good things. Crops, mines full of coal and other good things…large rocks…interesting wildlife. All of it there to be enjoyed. I just think that sometimes, we need to slow down and appreciate what we’ve been given, you know? Laluminium toolboxesike…immortalising it into a book. A book that is placed on a coffee table, one that brings all generations together.

It would be a celebration, but not of Australia’s most obvious features. Those have been done, many times before. No, this would be an in-depth exploration of the hidden parts that make this country tick. Where do your aluminium toolboxes come from? It’s not like they just appear on shelves, or in the backs of utes. That aluminium has to be dug up out of the ground, processed into a workable material, painted to a specification, very carefully moulded to form things like the lock and compartments, and eventually it ends up being used. I’d like entire sections of the book just to focus on this process, but delve into more than simply pictures. This would be an emotional exploration, one that makes you feel the process of aluminium mining, what it’s like to be a miner, or a craftsman.

I honestly don’t know if it can be done, since it seems like a lofty goal. You can’t just reach into a person’s soul with some pictures and words in a book and make them feel something, unless maybe the book comes equipped with music that plays as you read. But then, those are mostly for kids. No, it would have to be a long process. I’ll work on the idea.

This could work. I bet plenty of workmen would be interested to know where their draw systems come from, and that sort of thing. – Ed.