Glazier Fantasy

I’m sick of working in a job that’s not my passion. Not only is it not what I want to do in life, but it also doesn’t pay well, isn’t considered an impressive job, and doesn’t gain me any sort of respect both in and out of the workplace. I just hate it. I don’t want to be a worker in a toy factory anymore. I’m not sold on the fact that our pay is ‘the smiles on children’s faces’. I don’t care about the children! I want to be a glazier in Melbourne.

I find working with glass so enticing. The need to be gentle so as not to break the glass, combined with the thrill of what happens if I actually do break the glass. It would be awesome. Better yet, it’s an important job because people need glass in their homes. Without me, people wouldn’t be able to see out of the window or walk up the stairs. I would be so highly regarded in the trades world and by my family. It would mean so much to me to actually be appreciated. I have my heart set on becoming a glazier and I will not rest until I’ve left my dead-end job and achieved my goal.

Every day that I work in the toy factory I fantasize about doing an intricate stair balustrade. I like to imagine the reactions of the homeowners once I’ve added a functional yet stunning accessory to their home. I’ve also increased the value of their property tenfold, by just using my expertise and learned-skills. It gives me goosebumps to think about. 

With my passion for the glazier business, there will be nothing that I can’t achieve. I will be the best glazier in the city and people will be put on a waiting list to get my services. I just have to get out of this godforsaken toy shop and I’ll be on my way to success.