Home Styling, Dramatic Before and After!

People love a good before and after book. It’s the type of thing you pick up when you go to someone’s home and they leave you in the lounge while they prepare the tea. Or maybe you’re a teenager not at all invested in the conversation and you need something to do that isn’t looking at your phone. So you pick up the book lying on the coffee table, and you manage to ooh and aah over how different the picture on the right is from the one on the left.

It doesn’t even have to be a time filler; you can make it a point of conversation. And you know what’d be the perfect coffee table centrepiece for anyone with a touch of the house-pride? A book about home styling. Melbourne has a few that I can get in touch with, and they could tell such stories! Of course, the pictures are what makes a book in these circumstances, but there could always be comments from those involved. “I couldn’t believe how quickly my home was sold after I got a property stylist in!”, all of that sort of thing. Or maybe “burgundy wallpaper with a lilac carpet? What were these people thinking?? I had to save them from themselves.”

You’d be surprised how many very basic home staging mistakes people make. They get used to it over the years, and when it comes time to sell their home they make the assumption that everyone sees it exactly like they do. Why aren’t people buying your home? Is it perhaps because your living room has about two feet of moving space and burns your eyes with an abundance of seventies charm as soon as you enter?

People can just be funny about selling homes and not wanting to change things, which makes the before and after pictures even more radical. Anyway, I’d think people would love to see the work of Melbourne home staging people.

Ed: I like it, so long as the pictures are legal for use. Send us a mock-up and we’ll go from there!