A major case of writer’s block

window replacements MelbourneThis isn’t, strictly speaking, an idea for a story, but I still need someone to talk to about it.

I’m a budding writer, or at least I hope to be, so at least my presence on this site isn’t totally out of context, but I need some real help with my writing process. You see, I have a lot of good ideas. No offence, but I don’t need your help when it comes to good ideas. The problem is that I get some crazy bad writer’s block. Like way bad. So bad I can just sit there, all set up and ready to go, but nothing comes out. I know what I want to write, but I just can’t find the right words to say it with. So instead I just start to procrastinate.

Most recently, I noticed a crack all the way up the frame of my window. It was just there, staring across at me from my desk, and it started to drive me completely insane. After three hours of staring at it, I knew the crack had to go. So I started researching different sash window replacement places in Melbourne. I’m nothing if not excessively thorough with my research, and the research itself was a form of procrastination. The crack in the window was consuming me, driving all thoughts of my story out of my head.

Obviously, I realise the real problem was not the problem of getting replacement windows. Melbourne has lots of wonderful window repair people. The problem was and remains with me. I am fundamentally flawed as a writer. I can create a magical world and a fantastic story inside my head, but I can never quite seem to translate that onto the page. But this is the only thing I have ever wanted to do. I am the only thing standing in my way. Help me