The First Book About Fishing Ever

snapper racksI’ve noticed that there aren’t too many books about fishing. Maybe they’re all somewhere else when I’ve been looking, or perhaps I just didn’t bring my glasses, but really. Nothing should be this hard to find! Fishing is one of the greatest sports in the entire world, bar none, so you’d think that every bookshop would have a prominent ‘FISHING’ section. Maybe even a ‘FISHING FICTION’ and ‘FISHING NON-FICTION’. And if people write a lot of them, eventually you’ll have a ‘FISHING BIOGRAPHY’ section. I just finished Johnny Fisher: My Very Quiet Life as a Casual Fisherman, and I can’t wait to start the next one.

Just yesterday I was looking for a quick read on how to make your own equipment, and I couldn’t find a thing. Not even a nibble. Maybe I want to make my own snapper rack, or a fishing rod holder. Maybe I’m not the DIY type and I want a handy guide telling me all the suppliers of such equipment and giving them complex ratings. That’s why I propose the world’s first coffee table book about fishing. The inaugural fishing book, if you will, because I know it’ll be a bestseller and will give rise to many more. Trust me, I know about five guys into fishing, and they all have friends who they go fishing with when we’re away so there’s got to be this massive network. That’s a consumer base most booksellers can only dream of. Just think of how many people out there in Melbourne need a snapper rack, and this will be the book that finally fulfils all their hopes and dreams, so long as those hopes and dreams are related to snapper racks and rod holders and net mending and the art of waking up from a snooze when you feel a bite on the end of the line. A bestseller, I tell you. And you can have this idea on me!