Big Rose Heist

Veronica used to be obsessed with all kinds of roses, which is why I ended up having such a big crush on her. I might be just a bee, but I’m super into a woman who loves flowers, and particularly roses. I just really admire how much care she used to give her flowers. She used to know someone who ran a flower shop, you see. I say used to because I was involved in this big lawsuit that really stuffed up the world’s flower and bee relationship. Because of that, all her friend’s flowers died, and she was put out of business.

That’s why we had to steal the truck of flowers for the Rose Plant Festival. I really want people who love roses to be able to enter a shop and say something like: “Do you have any miniature roses for sale?” That would make me really happy.

Anyway, when we got to the place where they were keeping the roses for this festival, I remarked that it was quite heavily guarded. How would we ever get into the facility? That was when Veronica had the brilliant idea to claim she was a flower inspection officer, there to check if they had the right ground cover roses for the parade. They let her in without any questions! How convenient is that?

The flowers were being transported onto a parade float, and the driver was getting ready to head off. We convinced him that he should take a quick break before transporting the flowers. What if he got sleepy with this delicate cargo? He went to rest up a bit, and that was when we took control of the float and drove away. Now we’re on the highway, trying not to draw attention to ourselves, so that we can get away with these beautiful roses. 

They’ll never stop us! We’re going to bring all the flowers back to the world. You can thank us later.

– Benedict the Blogging Bee