Children’s Orthotics

My son is obsessed with little athletics. Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday he is on the training track running cross country distances and doing hurdles. I’m very proud of him and I love that he’s found something he’s passionate about at such a young age. The only issue is that I’m worried that he’s going to do damage to his feet. With so much running and jumping on his little feet at such a young age, I think it could possibly cause permanent damage in the future. 

After having some in depth discussions with a local foot specialist, we have both agreed that my son will benefit from children’s orthotics. Near Cheltenham, apparently, it’s not uncommon for kids to do too much running and need extra foot support. Whilst this concerned me about my son’s long term foot health, it helped give me peace of mind that the foot specialist is experienced enough to make this diagnosis. 

Originally I thought that my son would just need orthotics in his athletics runners. Apparently that’s not the case though and he needs to wear orthotics at all times to help protect his feet. I’ve just invested in orthoheel thongs for him in summer. He loves wearing thongs and I wouldn’t want his need for orthotics to ruin that for him. I was extremely impressed that these thongs were even an option, because it definitely wasn’t something that I’ve ever thought of. 

I’m feeling good about my decision to get my son’s feet checked. The foot specialist assured me that we are doing everything we can to ensure that my son has healthy feet, and that we are most definitely preventing any future damage from occurring. This makes me feel a lot better about my son spending so many hours per week running and jumping, and if I’m being honest, has made me feel like a very good mum.