Window Tinting Book

Dear Editor.

I would like to propose to you a book that exists currently only in my mind, but with your approval will be put onto the page and written down for others to read. The novel does not currently have a name, but I believe that it would make a great coffee table book.

Editor here. Let’s get a couple of things straight. Firstly, a novel is never a coffee table book. The concept of a coffee table book is one that involves a book which can be picked up and read randomly by guests in your home. If they flip halfway through a novel, they aren’t going to understand anything that is going on. Secondly, just because this website is named after coffee table books, that doesn’t mean your pitch has to be for one of these books. Pitching a novel is fine. I’ll tear your idea to shreds regardless.

The book would follow the story of a commercial window tinting business close to Melbourne, chronicling their rise and fall, becoming one of the most well-renowned tinting businesses in Melbourne, before crashing back to reality and losing that position. It is a tragic tale of greed and pride, with the company CEO demanding more and more from his staff until eventually they revolutionise and overthrow him. Obviously, the shareholders don’t like that, resulting in the collapse of the company.

We open on a fine summer’s day, with Jackson Solar doing the best window tinting he has ever done. It is so good, in fact, that it attracts the local news station, who interviews Jackson about how he has possibly completed such magical window tinting. It shouldn’t be possible.

Okay, I’m going to stop you right there. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about this story. It sounds like it may have a lot of potential, but I’m not sure you have the writing skill to make it truly as epic as it sounds. My advice, though, is that you just start writing and see what happens. You could either have a masterpiece or a complete flop on your hands. I have no idea.