Complete Suspension Service

Wow! What a competition that was, Ty! Hi everyone, I’m Moe Bile and I’m here today with my co-host Ty Re. Ty, could you believe how crazy that ending was to Brighton’s Travelling Car Competition? I thought Mitch was going to take it out for sure.

Yeah, I didn’t want to say I told you so Moe, but I told you so. I knew Patrick would be the winner. The way he ripped the tyres off with his bare hands was monstrous. That automatically earned him 1,000 points and marked him as the winner then and there! 

Yep, you were right Ty. Congratulations to Patrick and onto the Travelling Car Competition in Cambridge! Here in the Cambridge car workshop, our brand new contestants have to successfully complete a suspension service to win the competition. It might seem easier than replacing four tyres with bare hands, but I promise you it’s not. To successfully perform a suspension service when you’re not a licensed mechanic would be extremely tough. Would you agree, Ty?

I would most certainly agree, Moe. There’s been a better turn out here in Cambridge which is good. It opens up the pool of contestants that might really hurt themselves. You know what they say – brutal injuries on television sell!

… Is that what they say, Ty?

Well, that’s what I’ve heard, Moe.

Very well then, Ty. I’m not going to ask you who you think the winner of the auto repairs in the Cambridge area will be. I don’t want you to be right a second time. I’m sure you understand. 

I most certainly do, Moe. It might get a little embarrassing for you if I’m right and you’re wrong twice in a row on live TV. Why don’t we just focus on commentating instead of making predictions on the outcome? 

Sounds like a plan to me, Ty. This is going to be even better than Brighton!