Dry needling and complementary medicine

dry needling AdelaideI’d like to write a coffee table book about complementary medicine. Complementary medicine is an umbrella term for types of medical treatments that are not commonly accepted in the West. This includes Eastern systems like Chinese medicines and new treatments like trigger point dry needling. Although traditionally these types of treatments are considered supplementary or “not as good as” conventional medicine, these days they’re increasingly being shown to be successful in clinical studies. I’ll run through various types of complementary medicine from homeopathy to trigger point dry needling. Courses in New Zealand can be a huge bonus for GPs and other medical practitioners who are looking to expand their skills. A lot of chiropractors and osteopaths like to add to their repertoire of qualifications with things like dry needling.

My book will take the reader through the history of medicine, and show how arbitrarily we’ve arrived at the point we’re at today with Western medicine. In another universe, it could have been Chinese medicine that was the leading discipline, but things didn’t pan out that way and now we’re dominated by pharmaceuticals that often times are more damaging than they are beneficial. In many ways, the pharmaceutical industry has influenced the whole medical field, and it’s just a big business. GPs hand out prescriptions for antidepressants like lollipops when they could be looking more closely at their patient for a long term solution not just an temporary analgesic. This is why stuff like dry needling courses close to Adelaide are becoming more popular.

Part of the reason why complementary medicine is kicking off now that we know more about health and the human body is that we’re slowly realising the legitimacy of the Eastern principles of holistic treatment. Simply putting a bandage on the symptoms, so to speak, is not enough to truly heal a person. You need to look at the cause, which is not limited to one place in the body but comes from the whole person, including their entire physical wellness and mental health.