Make up courses Inspired by daytime TV

makeup coursesI just started studying a makeup course in the CBD. It’s great because you can choose subjects from three different areas: beauty therapy, specialist makeup services and special effects makeup. However I do wish they had an extra subject for make-overs. Make overs are very powerful and I think more beauty therapists and makeup artists need to learn about them through makeup courses. I’m very much inspired by the TV programs we used to watch as kids, where the hostess would transform a tackily made-up and dowdily dressed woman into a reasonably attractive individual. It usually involved removing garish colours in the hair and choosing subtle natural tones to complement the complexion. Similarly, they’d usually start with over the top badly applied makeup and end up with more delicate subtle makeup that would do favours for their facial features.

I actually think that most makeup artists and beauticians need to learn these make-over skills because it would give them a very important lesson in subtlety. You’ve got no idea how many times I’ve seen beauticians apply foundation so thickly that is cakes and cracks and looks horrible, plus it makes a person’s face different colour to their arms and legs. It’s really the responsibility of makeup courses Melbourne to train people not to do this. I know it sounds like common sense, I mean, do they not have any sense of aesthetics? I guess not. It’s astonishing really. Perhaps they should make people who enter into hair and beauty courses sit a test. They make people do it for other things like science and the humanities, and even fine art — but not for beauty? It’s pretty crucial, I think. I mean, you’re dealing with people’s looks. It’s their face, their interface with the world, their means of expressing themselves and the way people perceive them hinges almost 50% on their face.