Following my passion

property conveyancingHi okay so it’s my first time posting on this website and, no, I’m not posting about a book idea or anything like that, exactly, but rather trying to look for support from the community I value so much – authors.

As I child, I wrote prolifically. I filled pages and pages with my innermost thoughts and creations of secret worlds where magic was far from inconceivable. As I grew older, though, I began to write less and less until, eventually, I wasn’t writing at all. Graduating high school and looking to go into a career in conveyancing and property market services in Melbourne, I always told myself that writing was something I would do when I had enough money to go into work part time. Or better yet, that I’d make my fortune and retire early to pursue a retirement behind the typewriter. But, now in my mid fifties, that just simply isn’t a possibility.

I don’t have the courage to pursue my true dream in life. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do at the moment. Working alongside one of the premier conveyancing firms in Brighton has brought me lots of joy and I love helping people into their first, second, third homes. I feel incredibly rewarded by the work I do, but I also feel like I’m letting my younger self down. Should I just give up on that child’s dreams, or should I throw myself headlong into pursuing my passion?

I’ve come here, of all places, to receive support for following the latter, harder, longer, more uncertain path. The truth is, everyone in my life has encouraged me in earnest to continue the path I’m on and I can’t help feel they’re perhaps motivated by things other than my best interests. I want to make money, that’s true, but I think, more than anything, I just want to be happy.