How many developers does it take to change a light bulb?

game designWhen I started in my new college I thought I was going to be isolated. All my life I’ve been ostracised and alienated by my peers, so naturally I wasn’t expecting any different from my tertiary education. Especially not while I was in the IT industry. If anything, I figured the false sense of camaraderie would be supplanted by hordes of socially inept loners, all of them silent and shy like me. How very wrong I was. The first day studying game design courses and I knew that my future was going to be very different.

Turns out people who study tech are very charming. I was having a sip at the spigot on the college lawn when someone approached me and introduced themselves. They were very casual about it and I wondered if I could pick up some tricks for my own attempts at befriending others. Then, Michael and I got to know each other and found that we shared several of the same classes. He was actually a pretty funny guy and I met a lot of people through him. That was the first time in my life that I actually made friends, and it was all effortless. Its also happened in the last place I expected it to happen.

So during my software development course, I learned how to connect with others. Needless to say this was a very fulfilling experience. But there were more unforeseen benefits. For example, the learning to talk to people is good for networking, which is really important for getting jobs in the game design or app design industries, which is the area I’m particularly interested in. Now, thanks to my diploma in IT, I have the confidence to pursue what I truly love doing.