Frosted Glass: A Fascinating History

Mankind has been fascinated by glass for years, in the same way we appreciate it keeping the cold out of our homes and..being transparent. Transparent things can be looked through, you see.

Everything is getting its own personal book, or museum, or fan-club nowadays, so I’d like at least one to be dedicated to glass. A best-selling book should do the trick, hence…my proposal.

Did you know, for instance, that frosted glass actually existed before Australian settlers arrived? It’s true. People were making window frosting in Melbourne, even commercially, as far back as four-thousand years ago. They’d sail over to the England, selling their wares to eager buyers. Of course, the great tsunami of 1192 meant that much of the sand was polluted, thus meaning that the original natives had to forego their lucrative frosted glass ways, although it would later be revived in the 1960s when everyone was scrambling for something that looked different and stylish, or at least blocked the view of what was happening in the bathroom while still letting in light. Frosted glass is just really good for giving privacy while still allowing natural light through. Also, tinted glass, but I happen to prefer the latter and will require all future fan-club members to install at least once piece of custom-made frosted glass in their homes. I will be asking for pictures, and/or making surprise visits to members to make sure the frosted glass is installed properly.

Decorative window glass is pretty nice as well, so you’d no doubt be surprised to learn that people have been making it for the last…ooh, forty years at least. Probably longer if you count stained glass windows, which I do. We can thank the church for that one, especially with their love of bright colours that don’t really match by today’s standards.

Golly, this book is going to be a bit exciting. Maybe we need to stick a content warning on the front?