It’s All About the Aluminium

With that ladder museum seemingly taking off to the sky and beyond, I’m starting to think about opportunities for other such ventures. People seem to love ladders in a way that no one could ever have predicted. Then we put out that one book last year about boat motors, and everyone snapped it up. Maybe because it came on the heels of a trend that no one could’ve predicted.

My current project is to do with this new, Albajerian meditation fad that everyone is into, but I’m thinking it can be shelved briefly for a foray into…toolboxes. No, really. There’s a whole aluminium appreciation society out there who go nuts for Melbourne’s quality aluminium ute toolboxes and gas bottle holders. It’s like they think Melbourne’s toolboxes have been blessed above all other toolboxes, and are objects of reverence. So they’re right at the end of that scale, and a little bit down the line who just really like aluminium products.

It’s spreading, too. All around Visage-Tome there are dedicated groups set up for people to compare aluminium accessories, post pictures of their under tray draws and generally have a great time commenting on how they’ve kitted out their vehicles with aluminium goodness. Why wouldn’t they go for a book that highlights the very best of aluminium from all around the state?

I knew when I got into this industry that I’d have to be recognising trends. I didn’t realise there would be so many trends to pick from, and I’d have to sift through all of them to find what would sell the best. I’m making an educated guess from this one, since everyone seems crazy about not just aluminium, but also pictures of aluminium accessories and ute toolboxes and the like. Just the type of thing you want on your coffee table for generations to come.

Well, the ladder museum owner seemed to really enjoy the book I made for his gift shop. Hoping this will sell just as well.