Glorious, Untold Drain Camera Shots

drain camera inspectionsSometimes I just LOVE technology. We can have 3D meals at a restaurant across the globe now! I mean, you can’t eat anything and the lag is something terrible, but you can still SIT there…sort of. It’s bringing people together in so many ways. And if you want to know what it’s like to fly like a bird, you have the very real option of strapping yourself into a terrifying device and having wind blown in your face as you have that true bird experience. Oh, what a feeling!

That in mind, I have a certain coffee table book that showcases the greatest invention the world has ever known: the drain camera. Plumbers in Melbourne are among some of the most fastidious in the world, probably. I mean, I’ve been compiling drain camera photos for the last six years, and I certainly think that it’s a fascinating bit of science. The novelty comes from it being unexplored territory. Who has ever looked down the drain before? Oh, right, no one…because human heads don’t fit down there, and we can’t breathe underwater and people generally just don’t try because they think it’s a bit disgusting. Well, you know what else is disgusting? Childbirth. And yet, it’s simultaneously beautiful and new every time. That’s how I feel about drain camera photos. Blocked drains are especially exciting because you just don’t know what you’re going to find. Pasta? Pizza? Soggy bread? So many ways for your drain to become blocked, and so little time to compile all those beautiful photos into a beautiful book and watch it sell by the dozen because it’s basically like looking into an unknown universe, seriously.

I’ve collected about 3000 of the best photos. And while this may seem a bit extreme- books have limited room!- I’m sure you’ll have a blast rooting through all of them for the best ones. I’m happy to call in my contacts who do drain unblocking around Melbourne, and they can help with the process. This will be your most forward-thinking book yet!