The Broken Fridge

Here is a poem I wrote about my recent experience with Fridge repairs in Sydney:


Uh oh, my fridge broke and I need cold food

To fix this now, I am just not in the mood


I could order in and forget the issue

Just clean up the floor with some old tissue


Water is spilling from the broken fridge

I could leave that too and just build a bridge


I order a pizza, I’ll eat it up high

Safe from the floods, up in the kitchen sky


After two slices I contact fridge repairs Sydney

I mistype at first and search fridge repairs Kidney


Tomorrow they can come and repair

Until then it’s pizza in my high chair


Broken fridge and flooded floor

The journey too wet to get to the door


Low battery on phone, time to conserve

The pizza now finished, but that was just the hors d’oeuvre


One more call, this time I want chinese

‘Hello, spring rolls and crispy duck please’


I advise of the flood, you may want to leave it outside

No sir, we can deliver, come rain or high tide!


Fulfilled with my feast, it’s time to crack on

Fridge repair Sydney please don’t be long


Down from my stoop, water up to my thighs

I welcome the repairman and hold back my cries


It’s been awful my friend, no food and this flood!

I am here to help, I am your lifeblood


A toolbox and muscles, he gets to the fixing

The fridge will survive, I don’t need convincing


A few minutes later, the light bulb pings

A fixed fridge and bright light the repairman brings!


With an embrace and a smile I bid him adieu

My fridge is fixed, all thanks to you!


No more pizza, no more chinese

For me it’s chilled salad and maybe some cheese