Hidden Jobs, Unsung Heroes

plumbing serviceSo many jobs fly under the radar, despite how wonderfully influential they are. That’s why I think it’d be so helpful- nay, essential– to have a series of coffee table books that revolve around jobs that people do that aren’t given the credit that’s due. You know there are folks that stomp around the sewers, fixing what needs to be fixed so that all us ordinary folk can use the facilities without the threat of it all coming back up again. I’m not saying this coffee table needs graphic images…but yes, it really does.

Alright, since I have a soft spot for plumbing but also think that people need to be introduced to this concept gently, let’s talk about the more conventional plumbing services Melbourne has to offer. Some of these people are available 24 hours, because you can have a real emergency in the middle of the night, and who’s going to help you but these brave men and women? Scooting around the dark streets in the van full of tools, ready to plunge into a leaky pipe incident or overflowing sink because they really care. It’s their job. Both of those things, in fact.

I’d definitely like at least a small section dedicated to how they do their jobs at night. People tend to think of plumbers as hanging up their plungers at 5pm sharp, but I’d like to bin that interpretation. Once that’s out of the way, I know a fellow with some odd hobbies who can get us as many pictures of the inside of pipes as we’re likely to ever need. We could fill the book with them, but maybe you could see how well this one takes off.

This will be a watershed book. Every 24 hour plumber in Melbourne will be able to look at this book and see that their work is appreciated. It’ll be a bestseller for sure!

Editor’s Note: Um, maybe don’t jump the gun just yet. We haven’t even approved the idea.