Inspiration from my game design course

Dear Ms Editor,

game development coursesI know that you resent many pitches that cross your lofty path, but I’ve got a sci-fi thriller that’s bound to get your the adrenaline rushing. You’ll be slapping me so hard with contracts that I’m going to have to scream out “Fire!” Next thing you know, I’ll be richer than JR Rowing, sitting on a throne of my own over-printed manuscripts, and blowing bubbles out of a pipe.  What is this amazing pitch, you ask? Just you wait…

I’m not really a writer by trade, actually I’m taking a game design course in the Melbourne CBD. That’s how I’m able to see the industry with an outsider’s perspective. I can see what people really want to read about, and let me tell you there’s a huge market for science fiction these days. I know it was really big in the sixties during the whole “God is dead” licentious revolution but there’s totally a revival. I mean, young readers are turning to golden oldies like William Gibbon and Bill Burrows to satisfy their cyber cravings. I’m telling you: people want more tech sci fi. That’s what the publishing industry should be focusing on right now. And that’s why you’re going to love my pitch.

Software development courses are a veritable breeding ground for amazing sci fi ideas. We learn all about computer programming on the one hand, and the creative aspects of game development on the other. I’m sitting in my lectures scribbling away plot idea after plot idea, each one marked with a six-digit figure of how much it’s expected to gross upon release. I even have some idea of which directors will take them on for film adaptations… Jackson, Spielberg, de Palma.

As I write this, I’m running out of time and have to return to my programming homework. I’m going to have to wait until next time to pitch my idea(s). Or better yet, why don’t YOU get in touch with ME. After all, I’m the one who’s going to be raking it in.