Kitchens Through the Years

Now that everyone in Melbourne is as obsessed with kitchens as I am, I think it’s finally time for a comprehensive book. Like, a coffee table book, for perusing at your leisure, or just leaving there as something for visitors to peruse. I’m thinking a nice A3 size, with a glossy finish that just screams to be picked up, and perused. Perusing kitchens just happens to be one of my favourite things, and now, kitchen remodels are the biggest thing since sliced bread, which is also coincidentally something that happens in a kitchen. Exclusively.

I mean, someone at some point may have sliced bread in their bedroom, but that person would be a fool amongst fools.

Imagine this book as a kind of time warp that shows kitchen remodels, all the way from 1982 to 2019, the era of human history where everything cool happened, including kitchens. People weren’t remodelling their kitchens after the war because Australia was only just recovering and it was seen as an extravagant waste of resources. But then, suddenly, free love came along in the sixties, and then women were being liberated in the 70s, and then the 80s were a culmination of everything good and wonderful. Suddenly, kitchen renovations everywhere! I have another book on the subject, The Big Book of 80s Kitchens. They only printed a hundred copies and then only three were bought, but I peruse these pages with fondness and joy. Such a wonderful time in human history –kitchen designers, Melbourne ones included, were finding their feet and breaking new ground with exciting things, like formica and putting pots in cupboards instead of hanging them on hooks.

I just think this era really needs to be captured. There’s work going on NOW.