Know Your Natural Remedies

Now that alternative medicine is taking off, it’s time for a coffee table book that gathers them all up and weighs in on the benefits! And the downsides, if there are any. We’re not just talking about herbal therapies here after all. Technology advances, and we’ve seen the most wonderful things come out of medical science. Just yesterday I tried my very first isolation tank, and it was a thing of beauty to behold and experience. Bit wet…though I suppose that’s the whole point. Also, I’d like to see if we can’t lobby for a version that even suits people who have claustrophobia. It’s not that they’re SMALL, but…anyway. Questions for later.

Question for now: how about those hyperbaric chambers? Melbourne just got a huge shipment of them, I’ve gave one a go and boy, they really clear out the lungs. Big time. I’d read all about the benefits from the very first day they were introduced, but I was busy doing a tour of Australian oxygen bars at the time and I was really sort of over the whole experience. Fortunately this isn’t like that at all. It’s all pretty simple, in fact: climb inside a glass chamber and just relax while it fills with more of that stuff you need to live. Read a book, do some knitting, browse Visage-Tome and leave comments on memes that are funnier than the memes themselves or just have a bit of a snooze. So far as I know there are no real downsides and they’re for everyone.

So that’s oxygen therapy! Good stuff indeed, and I can see it really taking off in the next few years. I’ve heard that a few old folks’ homes around Melbourne have hyperbaric medicine treatments now. Keeps the old bones ticking over. That’ll need to be a substantial part of the book then, right up there with herbal tea in terms of benefits, but definitely below colon hydrotherapy. That’s not something anyone needs. Take my word for it.