A Book for the Parents

kids play centres in CanberraParents are our society’s greatest commodity, because they’re raising the young people of this generation. They’re the ones who’ll be patching up the hole in the ozone layer, curing all forms of cancer and giving us sugar-free chocolate that tastes like chocolate and not sweet dirt. Thus, I’d like to help them out with a book that’ll adorn the coffee table of every parent in Melbourne. A book of resources, greta and small. Every new parent will receive this book and treasure it as the thing that gets them through those tough, early months. Or so I’m hoping…we just have to be really on-point with what goes into it.

I’m thinking of sections. So you’ve got a whole section dealing with not just what to DO about having a new baby, but a load of contacts and services that’ll help you out when necessary. Then you get to the older toddler stage, and then later childhood, so the book sticks around. Need a birthday party venue in Jandakot? Just look it up, and bam, you’ve got it. An indoor play centre in Canberra? Well, they’re often the same thing, but at least the options are open. I know from experience that having a birthday party venue close can take a lot of the stress off hosting, particularly when you have multiple children. And especially when they all have birthdays around the same time.

No, I don’t think this will be THE coffee table book that’ll change the world or anything like that. I’m sure many parents get by fine right now as they have since the beginning of time. But I just want it to be a ubiquitous stress-reliever, something you pick up in a bind. What else besides indoor play centres? Well, loads of stuff. It might end up being thick…but it’s a book people will use for years, so it’s an investment for decades.

Wouldn’t have minded knowing all the indoor play centres in Canberra when my kids were growing up. I think you’re onto something here! – Ed.