Small town skin care

lip fillersAlright so my idea for a novel is still a work in progress, so just bare with me. It’s set in a rural town in Melbourne, somewhere like maybe Ballarat or Bendigo I’m thinking? Anyway, for argument’s sake, let’s just say it’s Bendigo for now. The protagonist, Lisa, is an early-thirties woman who’s achieved a lot and lived all over the world, but has returned home to help her parents acclimatise to their old age and increasing levels of care. She works at a eyebrow tattooing clinic in Bendigo. Local residents and is trying to make the worst of what is a less than ideal situation.

The novel will grapple with central themes such as life versus death and what it means to live in a fulfilling and enriching way. At the same time, it will explore issues with mental health and beauty norms and standards, using memory and inner monologue to convey these issues. The central action of the novel will be, predominantly, around Lisa’s growing carelessness in her work and in her relationships, culminating in her performing a series of lip injections in Ballarat where there are unforeseen complications. In the end, it turns out not to be any form of malpractice, but an issue with sub-par lip balm, but the rising action will involve court cases and will cause Lisa to reflect on how she has been handling herself thus far.  

What do you think? I realise it needs to be further fleshed out and I’m open to ideas.

-Clarissa Worthington

It sounds just fine, Clarissa, but I’m left wondering where the pizazz is? Where’s the daring feats and cliffhangers that are going to leave readers wanting more? Can I see this being a best seller? No. Do I think there’s something there? Absolutely! Come up with a bit more of a racy plot and then we’ll talk more. – Ed.