Light Last Will Reading!

estate planning strategiesA will isn’t exactly something for light reading. That is…until now!! You probably got the requisite 500 copies of my book that I sent to you. Hopefully, the fact that they’re now covering your desk means that you can visualise what they’d look like on a regular coffee table, but if not, I can email you some pictures of people’s coffee tables that I’ve placed them upon. I designed the cover myself.

So, wills! They can be a lot of fun, which most people don’t realise. I know some professionals in Melbourne who do estate planning strategies, and they have a blast! Not like, an actual blast…they take their jobs very seriously, I’m sure. I haven’t been in the office- one day I’ll get to be that fly on the wall- but for now it’s all very confidential. Wills are a private matter, only between family, I understand…mostly…

So, uh, I’d like the process of making a will to form the front of the book, as you can see. People need to know that anything could happen, and they need to be ready. They could go blind from a very bright flash of light, and then they’d have to verbalise their last will and testament! Nobody wants that. Talk-and-type technology just hasn’t reached the point where such sensitive documents, full of names and jargon, can be spoken aloud. The relatives could be listening with their ears to the wall. So yeah, that’ll be the start.

After that, the book is filled with sample wills, to set people’s minds at ease about making their own. Oh, don’t worry: all of these have been released to me! And all the people are dead, so there’s nothing creepy about it.

Wait…I haven’t told you about the best part! It’s Melbourne-specific, so letters of administration and such will apply to this city and this city only. ONLY people in this city wanting to make a will and who want a very specific book lying on their coffee table will be buying it! Great, huh? So…how many can I put you down for?