The Smaller Book of Motivational Speakers

keynote speakers AustraliaI used to have this book on my shelf growing up, The Big Book of Motivational Speakers. That’s probably because both of my parents were exactly that, and they wanted to keep some major inspiration around the house. I didn’t follow in their footsteps because I can’t speak in public to save my life…but I do have a way with words. Heard about the thing you’ve got going here with all those books going onto all those coffee tables, and have to say I was a huge fan of the book you put out about plumbing methods. Secretly, I’m terribly obsessed with DIY.

But anyway, the whole reason I’m here is to make a suggestion: not the big book of motivational speakers, but the little book of professional business speakers. It’s the term that most of them prefer, from what I’ve heard when Mum and Dad took me along to conferences. It’s weird, now that I think about it. A massive conference speaker conference for conference speakers, where people go to be taught things by conference speakers. So yep, that was a thing that definitely existed back then, and I actually enjoyed it somewhat even though I didn’t really want to speak publicly myself. Always been more of an audience member type myself; the one getting spoken to, the one being motivated to do things rather than being the motivator.

Funny sort of job, as I’ve thought often over the years of watching my parents do it. So much motivation gathered into one big place, everyone motivating someone else and getting motivated. Okay, that word is starting to lose all meaning.

So yeah, this coffee table book. The big version had famous speakers from history- presidents, great leaders and such- but this one should highlight the slightly less-known folks. Those professional keynote speakers in Australia who make so much of a difference, and travel a whole lot. Yeah, anyway…let me know what you think.