The Yugoslavian Ice Skater

ice skating rinksRecently I’ve been hearing a lot about this particular ice skater from Yugoslavia. I didn’t even think that was a country any more, but I guess I’ve been proved wrong, huh! So anyway, this guy came over from Yugoslavia with the aim to be the best ice skater in all of history, but he was a kind of a jerk about it. I’ve talked to people who work in all the ice skating rinks all around Melbourne, and they all tell me the same thing. Insanely talented, but not a nice guy. That is, when something major happened in his life, and now he teaches ice skating at a local school.

Obviously this kind of story could fit into a biography quite easily, but it uniquely might also work as a coffee table book. Plenty of people here are interested in unique stories, but don’t have the time to go around reading a huge volume. If you’re interested, I know of plenty of folks around Melbourne and sometimes a bit further abroad who have interesting stories, perhaps for some kind of coffee table series that people can collect and read in their spare time. Or a person can just pick them up while visiting, flick through and have their horizons expanded a little bit. I’ve heard tell of an Albajerian monk who got into quite a few adventures. Or that fellow making the world’s first totally immersive video game; that must be quite the story! I could go on, but this Yugoslavian fellow should be enough for a start.

I actually got to talk to him an an ice skating rink yesterday. He was a bit vague about exactly what caused his attitude shift, but he did say that I could interview him again. I think in time, this could be quite the lucrative product. After all, Melbourne is the city of private function rooms and ice skating shenanigans, and this story involves both from what I’ve heard. I’ll get back to you once we;ve had another chat!

-Benjamin C. Clements