The Secret Bag Enthusiasts

secure evidence bagsYou might be surprised, but I think I have a coffee table sensation that’s going to find a massive hidden market.

Thanks to the internet, I now know that there are a whole load of people out there, brethren, who have a passion for security bags. These can even range to the evidence bags used in police investigations, the ones that have to be sealed shut to stop the evidence from getting soiled. Is there anything quite so elegant? I think there is not, obviously. So that’s why I’m gunning for some kind of book that recognises all the great evidence bags used throughout both real life and fiction,

Why, there’s a Visage-Tome page that exclusively caters to people picking up evidence bags used in TV police shows. They compare notes on when they’re used, how they’re used, whether the person in the episode is handling them correctly, and if they are, where they learned to do so. They have lengthy discussions on the types of bags that are most efficient to hold dismembered digits compared to used bullet casings, two likely suspects for what you’d find in an evidence bag on television. There was a huge ruckus a little while back when someone suggested that the popular police procedural Queens 98 was just using painted sandwich bags for their props. Screenshots were grabbed, strongly-worded letters were sent to the producers asking them to contact their props people and ask if such a thing was true. People take this craft very seriously, and it’s a good thing some people do! Allowing such a thing to go unnoticed could set a dangerous precedent. We’re talking about JUSTICE here.

So there you go. A ready-made market, thousands of photos to use and a whole community of police bag enthusiasts just waiting to be interviewed. You’re very welcome.