Melbourne Tours of the Heart

tour of Melbourne

Ok here is my latest idea. It’s a little soppy and maybe a bit too sickly sweet for some but I think there’s a gap in the market for some good old fashioned romance. Give it a chance. Open to feedback.

Two strangers find themselves alone in Melbourne on business. One is a lawyer working on a case for a big Melbourne banking corporation, the other is a doctor who is in the city attending a conference about surgical techniques for heart problems. They are both professionally fulfilled, but personally extremely lonely and bored. As an attempt to spice up their time in Melbourne they both book onto tours of Melbourne. They want to see the sights and experience the city beyond their professional realm. Our lawyer has booked onto a wednesday morning tour when she happens to have a morning off. Our doctor has booked onto a Thursday afternoon tour as he wants to skip the lecture about new hygiene standards in surgical theatres. It seems our two protagonists are not destined to cross paths on their respective Melbourne visits. They have eaten in the same restaurant, on different nights, been to the same cafes just moments apart and even slept in the same hotel on different floors. When the tour of Melbourne host calls our doctor and tells him there is no space on his prefered Thursday tour slot but they can book him onto the Wednesday morning tour, it seems these two will finally find each other. It will take them a while to warm up as both are used to solitude, our lawyer will make the first move asking our doctor why he too is alone. He looks her square in the eyes and says, ‘for the life of me, I don’t know’. It all goes from there. What begins as a whirlwind Melbourne romance turns into a cross country love affair.